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Complete your Oscar ballot

Have you filled out your Oscar ballot yet?

Here at Hive Mind, we’re working hard to ensure your guesses are educated guesses.

Our journey to cover every film nominated for Best Picture continues with our latest episode on Sound of Metal.

The Father—which I’m still not convinced is a real movie—is apparently available to stream starting today. I’m excited to be the first human ever to watch it, and Eli and I will have our podcast recap available next week, thus concluding the Best Picture category.

I say this in the episode, but I really am so pleased with the nominees this year. Unless The Father turns out to be a real stinker, what we have is a really solid Best Picture list, and we’ve had a lot of fun discussing each film. We’ll tackle the acting and screenplay categories next.


Arianna Rees tracked down the sites featured in the “Driver’s License” Music video.

She actually knocked on doors and met parking lot attendants and the piece is just really great.

We released the second episode of our Patreon-exclusive ANTM makeovers series. I can’t get over how tragic fashion was in 2004. #Neverforget the ruffled mini skirts, layered tanks, and neon heels. Become a patron to access every episode.

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