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Munn not Wilde

There are too many Olivias.

I know that’s rich, coming from me, a Megan who grew up in the nineties, but honestly how many sort-of-famous Olivias can one possibly be expected to keep track of? Do I need to get a board, string, pin situation going?

I thought we had hit Olivia critical mass when “Drivers License” was the number one song and Olivia Wilde blew up her life for Harry Styles, but then Olivia Munn—who I think is just famous because she dated Aaron Rogers—had to come along and be John Mulaney’s rebound and I am EXHAUSTED.

At least Olivia Jade seems to have faded back into YouTube land or wherever it was she existed prior to her mother committing a felony. And thankfully, Olivia Coleman has the good sense to just be chill and lovely and British.

You know who I wish had had that same good sense? Every single person involved in the 2012 Les Misérables.

Since this episode I have been informed that Russ Crowe was in the middle of a very expensive divorce at the time, but were there no non-singing roles available? Was Tom Hooper the only director willing to put him in a movie? If that’s the case, might be time to find a new profession, Russ. Or, next time lip-sync.

And if you need some lip-syncing tips, check out RuPaul’s Drag Race. Better yet, read this excellent piece from Hive Mind contributor Alisha Ann wherein she interviews local queens Kay Bye and Samson Winsor.

Their conversation goes far beyond TV and delves into the trans experience in Salt Lake City, and honestly, that’s what I love most about media. Not to get too high-falutin, but rarely does a conversation about a show or movie not lead to a deeper conversation about the human experience—often the human experiences of those outside our normal circles.

Like those living in Easttown, Pennsylvania. Sorry. That’s a sweaty segue. We just have so much content and it can get tricky trying to tie it all in to a cohesive narrative. What I’m getting at with this very clumsy transition is we have a new Patreon episode covering Mare of Easttown episode 5. When that episode concluded I think I felt how Uma Thurman felt in Pulp Fiction after getting a shot of adrenaline in the heart. I had to do a crossword and watch Frasier just to calm down. If you’re not up for that kind of rush, just become a patron and we’ll let you know the details of every episode so you can pretend to be watching when it comes up in conversation.

Coming Up On Hive Mind

Woman In The Window is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in years, so we’ll be doing a deep dive. Plus we have a some Top Chef to catch up on, more celeb gossip to cover, and the sixth installment of Mare. And correspondent Rachel Harris has a piece forthcoming about the demolition of Hillcrest High and what the Hillcrest stage meant to many students who preformed on it.

Stay tuned.