Hive Mind Newsletter

When Eli and I said we were going to watch every Best Picture winner for the Patreon, I don’t think we entirely understood what we were getting ourselves into. It sounded fun. LOL. I guess I didn’t think through what it would mean to cram-watch a three-hour lyrical ballad filmed in 1941 about a destitute Irish family dealing with loss prior to recording our episode about it. It is…not fun. BUT. I’m so glad we’re doing it. Five weeks in, I’ve already gained a new and important perspective on what life was like during the early 1940s in the throes of World War Two. We just recorded our episode on Casablanca and now I’m eager to learn more about that region of the world during that time.

I’ve long been a defender of cinema as education, and I’m excited to have my biases confirmed as we make our way through the Best Picture winners over the last eighty years, and gain new insights and perspectives on the events of the last near-century.

On the other end of the spectrum, Emily and I are six episodes into Cruel Summer for the $3 Patreon tier. We’re convinced it’s written by early twenty-somethings who did not live through the nineties, believe they are smarter than everyone else, and have maybe never seen a television show. We’re having a blast.

On the podcast proper, Eli and I discussed Steven Soderbergh’s okay but not great new movie No Sudden Move,

and enjoyed a call in from a listener who had a near-death encounter with Betty White.

Then Irene and I tried to understand Operation WOWO from the latest episode of The Bachelorette,

and Emily and I celebrated Emily’s success in bringing Lindsay Lohan into our consciousness again.

Then we talked Jason Sudekis’ divorce, Bella Hadid’s lungs, Mindy Kaling’s fangirldom, and the Emmy Nominations.

We hope you’ll enjoy these episodes. We’re always looking for the content you want to hear us talk about, so reach out to with any ideas.