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Hi hi hi sorry

I know approximately zero people noticed we went a couple of weeks without a newsletter, but I would like to apologize for the absence anyway. We’ve ramped up our podcast output and launched a video series and in all the hullaballoo the newsletter has been neglected.

But I’m back, baby, and so is good TV. Not the crap HBO threw at us over the last year, which was just Nicole Kidman whispering whilst wearing a variety of deranged outwear in The Undoing. Real good TV. The kind of episodic, week-by-week television that becomes the thing you look forward to most.

Nature is healing and now we have Mare.

Mare of Easttown is not a perfect show. There are more B plots than I can count on my fingers and toes, and the dialect is a little too hyper-specific.

Plus it has the worst title since The Rural Juror. But I watched the first three episodes in one sitting and felt myself buzzing with excitement and jonesing for more. I even convinced Emily to recap every episode with me on the Patreon. This show is all I think about and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

When Emily and I are not laughing at Kate Winslet’s wardrobe or hypothesizing on who must be Erin’s Murderer, we’re popping in to the main podcast feed with pop culture news. And boy oh boy do we have news this week.


And so is Top Chef, thank Heavens.

We’re six episodes in to this season of TC, and it might be the aforementioned dearth of quality media, but Top Chef has served as a healing balm to the weary soul the last month and a half, and I love talking about it with Irene even more than I love watching it which is A LOT.

I also love when you guys email with requests for podcasts episode, which is what listener Kendra did. And Eli and I were thrilled to oblige with an episode about Kid 90.

If you have episode requests, please email me at

Because I’m so behind on the newsletter, I haven’t yet told you about the amazing piece from Anneke Garcia about Salt Lake taco trucks.

Anneke joined me on our new video series to talk about the piece and about the tacos she tried and by the end of the interview I was very hungry.

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I can’t wait to read about whatever food Anneke tries next.

Coming Up

Hive Mind contributor Alisha Ann and drag queen Kay Bye will tell us everything we need to know about the Drag Race finale and Eli and I will be discussingTom Hooper’s Les Miserable film adaptation which I promise has aged so much worse than you expect.

Stay tuned.