Make Your Bachelor Finale Prediction

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It’s time to make your prediction for The Bachelor finale

It’s one question. The only question that matters, really.

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If you need a refresher on the events of last week’s Bachelor, listen to our recap:


In other news, our shop-your-closet Instagram challenge from Shelby’s column launches Monday.

Tag @hiveminghq in your stories to enter our giveaway and win a pair of West Of Breakfast pajamas.

If you’re hungry, Mary Wall has compiled a takeout travel guide for Utah diners looking for an international experience,

and Anneka Garcia has a dim sum roundup ready for Salt Lakers.

Special guest Trent Mano joined me and Eli on the podcast to talk Minari,

and Hive Mind contributor and gossip expert Lindsey Encinas hopped on a call for another emergency episode about Oprah’s explosive interview with Meghan and Harry.

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