The Second Annual Hive Mind Oscar Ballot Competition

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Make your Academy Awards predictions here.

It’s Oscar season, the best time of the year here at Hive Mind. Can you even contain your excitement? Or are you not a pop culture freak like me?

I want you to be a freak like me (if that’s not a Lady Gaga song it should be—feel free to send me a check, Stefanie), so I’ve compiled the Second Annual Hive Mind Oscar Ballot. Because if I learned one thing from Uncut Gems, it’s that when prizes are on the line, participants get invested. Also, don’t borrow money from your brother-in-law to cover your gambling debts.

We’re awarding the top three participants, meaning those who most accurately predict the outcome of the ceremony. I’m in the process of ironing out the details of those prizes, but I promise they’ll be worth the two minutes it takes to fill out the prediction form.

If you’re seeking guidance for your predictions, you should look elsewhere. Sure, Eli, Nick, and I discussed the 2021 Academy Awards nominations and made some hesitant predictions,

but you should know, we’re usually wrong. My personal problem is I predict with my heart and not with my brain. I implore you to use logic and not passion when completing your ballot. Or do whatever you want. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life.

If you don’t have time to watch all the nominated films—but want to know the gist to make educated choices—we can actually help you there. We’re well on our way to covering each best picture nominee and beyond on the podcast.

So far we’ve done:

  • Minari

Nominated for Best Picture, Actor in a Leading Role (Steven Yeun), Actress in a Supporting Role (Yuh-Jung Young), Best Director (Lee Isaac Chung), and Best Original Score (Emile Mosseri).

  • Nomadland

Nominated for Best Picture, Actress in a Leading Role (Frances McDormand), Cinematography (Joshua James Richards), Best Director (Chloé Zhao), Film Editing (Chloé Zhao), and Adapted Screenplay (Chloé Zhao).

  • Promising Young Woman

Nominated for Best Picture, Original Screenplay, Actress In A Leading Role (Carey Mulligan), Best Director (Emerald Fennell), and Film Editing (Frédéric Thoraval).

  • The Trial Of The Chicago 7

Nominated for Best Picture, Actor in a Supporting Role (Sacha Baron Cohen), Cinematography (Phedon Papamichael), Film Editing (Alan Baumgarten), Original Song (“Hear My Voice”), and Original Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin).

  • Soul

Nominated for Best Animated Feature Film, Best Original Score (Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Jon Batiste), and Best Sound (Ren Klyce, Coya Elliott and David Parker).

Between now and April 25th we’ll discuss Sound Of Metal and The Father, and do a roundup of the more obscure categories to bring you the information you need about this year’s nominees.

The ballot will close an hour before the ceremony on April 25th.

Good luck.


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